The Man Who Would Not Shut Up
The Man Who Would Not Shut Up

The Rise of Bill O’Reilly By The Famous Marvin Kitman
St Martins Press January 11th 2007

A fair and balanced look at Bill O’Reilly

    Marvin’s new book about Bill O’Reilly reveals his subject is …evenly balanced-by that I mean he has a chip on both shoulders”.

    Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore Bill O’Reilly. Numbers don’t lie: by march 2006, the O’Reilly Factor had been number one for 220 weeks, had over 4 million viewers and thousands of emails a day. What exactly was so fascinating? Marvin Kitman, longtime media critic, author of eight books, noted George Washington scholar and one time presidential candidate had to find out.


    Marvin interviewed Bill O’Reilly 29 times, and left his own politics at the door. The book lets Bill be Bill and the readers draw their own conclusions. (Marvin being Marvin leaked some humor into the book.) He acted as a lens to allow O’Reilly to reveal himself, while retaining context in the cultural landscape. “The book will infuriate his fans as well as his enemies. I call them as I see them, based on thirty-five years of getting paid to watch the bad, the bemused, and the blond of TV news.” according to Marvin.


    Fans of O’Reilly will love this book because of the word for word history from his own mouth and the insight they provide. Fans of Marvin will love the book for the painstaking research he is known for, as well as his wit.


The Man Who Would Not Shut Up will be available at all major bookstores and online through Barnes and and as of January 9th, 2007. 

And coming soon, The Book Revue of Huntington Long Island at a date to be announced. All Fans of Marvin Kitman, Bill O’Reilly or popular culture in journalism are encouraged to attend. Lastly buy this book early and often for yourself, family and friends, or just to impress your friends that you posses such an important work.
-Doc O’Shea, Webmaster

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