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Rush Limbaugh & the Sponsors Rush to Judgment

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Re: The average Rush viewer is:
philtheinvestor   3/22/2012 9:02:19 PM
O Quantcast. I recognize it. Good use.

college is a scam
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Re: Rush Used to be Funny
college is a scam   3/20/2012 10:25:55 AM

I began tuning in to Rush as a Lynn Samuels fan from her years at WBAI. In their early days this tandem boosted WABC's ratings by being damn ENTERTAINING. My favorite was Rush's daily 9-minute banter with newsreader of the opposite political persuasion, Kathleen Maloney – absolutely Golden Radio! Rush's ridicule rocked, with GROUND-BREAKING exposure of the mass media's agenda – feminazis, environmentalist wackos, Gorbasms, homeless and General David Dinkins updates, the tape of Sen. Kennedy speaking total gibberish cheered by applause.

But Rush's change coincided with his hearing loss, just as you wrote, Ted. I've always suspected his hearing loss was a side-effect to whatever measure Rush took to drop weight after Al Franken's "Big Fat Idiot" book. That was okay for Franken to say, huh. Just as the HORRID nightly attacks of Republicans by STUPID Letterman, Leno, and Conan in the guise of "jokes." Not funny; click. Media & advertiser outrage has a double-standard.

I quit listening soon after when Rush became a mouthpiece for the new George W. Bush administration.


Having twice watched Sandra Fluke's testimony, I didn't see that she should be hailed or ridiculed. Embellishing The Pill's expense at the git-go cost her credibility. She testified she's attending Georgetown Law on a "public interest" group's scholarship. While this 98%-ile LSAT scorer simply representing the upward mobility of voiceless low socioeconomic blue collar parents, was snootily rejected by admission to further their agenda committees.


Founder Brian Lamb is stepping down from C-Span. Remember the year when the only call-in lines were "Bush Supporters" and "Democrat Supporters," shutting out the voices supporting neither? And goddamn C-Span for giving overwhelming air time to the powerful Ivy League contingent's affirmative action for the privileged and connected.

Noreen Seebacher
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Noreen Seebacher   3/19/2012 9:38:46 AM
According to a WSJ report, Former Republican governor of Arkansas and onetime presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, a Fox News Channel commentator, will go head-to-head with Rush Limbaugh in a syndicated radio program airing in the noon to 3 p.m. Eastern time, weekday slot.

With the slogan "more conversation, less confrontation," the syndicator behind "Huckabee," Cumulus Media Networks, has been pitching the new show to advertisers as a less combative alternative to Limbaugh. Cumulus is a unit of Cumulus Media Inc., (Nasdaq: CMLS), which owns 570 radio stations.


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Senator Joseph R. McCarthy's legacy
AskAsa   3/18/2012 9:25:07 PM
Many people associate McCarthy with the Hollywodd writers and HUAC. Actually McCarthy only went after communist influence  in the government (mainly the state department) His tactics probably helped real communists who moved about freely while luckless "fellow travelers" were red branded and ruined.

Soviet documents released after the collapse of the evil empire reveal there was a great deal of spying and espionage going on but the political circus here let most of it slip by unnoticed.

HUAC was even more of a joke.

The Hollywood writers were the focus of Senator Francis Walters anti-communist campaign.(Some of the writers were communists and told by the comintern not to cooperate with HUAC in order make the American system look fascist and persecutorial.)

There is speculation that the vituperative Sen. Walters went after Arthur Miller in order to see Miller's wife Marilyn Monroe up close.

The dedicated Red Hunter privately offered to let Miller off if he agreed to have his famous wife pose with Walter for a campaign poster. Miller refused. 

Further proof of Walter's ability to spot a commie when he sees one came when he took away American William Morgan's Citizenship over Morgan's  association with Cuba and Castro. Morgan was later killed on direct orders from Castro for refusing to become a communist.

Read Max Eastman "The Last Romantic." and  The Vinona Papers.(intercepted soviet documents)

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Re: Censorship forces brilliant minds into the fantasy underground
chapAnjou   3/16/2012 1:23:34 PM
@Noreen, your post with that interview with Rod Serling was fascinating, to say the least.  It's always great to delve into the mind of such a creative force and get some insight not only into the type of issues that motivate/annoy/etc. them, but also to get a sense of their industry in a different era.

Not to mention the fact that it was really cool to think about a time when the twilight zone was nothing more than another project that was on the horizon and not one of the most influential, timeless pieces of tv ever produced...

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Rush and pay the price
impactnow   3/16/2012 1:23:23 PM

The Rush situation was simply to volatile for advertisers to appear that they were supporting him in his latest misstep. Most likely they will return but not the employers pay the price Rush's oversight.

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Business as Usual
chapAnjou   3/16/2012 1:18:18 PM
I agree with the sentiment of the article, but all of this just feels like business as usual and not some sign of dark times ahead. 

Sponsors behave according to what's in their best interest while always keeping a finger on the public's pulse.  If Rush says something distasteful (what else is new?) but it doesn't pick up traction with all of the groups of sensitive people just begging for there to be a controversy, then all is well. There's no reason for the sponsor to jump ship because no one is going to associate their product with this issue that's being ignored.  On the other hand, if there's a massive public backlash against something said (as was the case here), it makes sense that the sponsors would not want to be associated with that.

In the eyes of businesses, people are just dumb creatures that fall ionto statistical categories.  Do I agree with this way of thinking?  Absolutely not.  Is it shocking that the sponsors would bail the way they did?  Absolutely not.

Scott Raynovich
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Re: Speak much evil, write much evil, but don't listen to Rush
Scott Raynovich   3/16/2012 11:07:23 AM
excellent. Thanks Fred!

Fred Goodman
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Re: Speak much evil, write much evil, but don't listen to Rush
Fred Goodman   3/16/2012 3:04:57 AM
Okay Scott, you asked for it.

If the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) rallies above 163 today on volume of around 19 million shares it will give a buy signal. It will be confirmed on Monday if it advances again, on volume a bit higher than that.

Scott Raynovich
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Re: Speak much evil, write much evil, but don't listen to Rush
Scott Raynovich   3/15/2012 1:30:50 PM
I just want to talk about markets at this point, Fred.

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