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The Incredible Bulk: How to Save the Post Office

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Make us laugh
Drivewaygirl   9/23/2011 8:11:30 AM
Oh Marvin. Make us laugh, There's so much news to bring us down. Thanks for the smiles.

Value Hiker
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Re: Snail Mail Less Relevant
Value Hiker   9/21/2011 4:14:10 PM
I also doubt about the necessity of the USPS. The business model is breaking down for the past twenty years, and nobody tried to fix it

* People are stopping written physical letters for a long time

* We had UPS, and Fedex who deliver packages more efficiently

* Even the junk mails are replaced by the spams. The Google/Yahoo filter these spam more efficiently than USPS filters the junk mail.

Maybe it is the time to close down the USPS, like we close down pony express 100 years ago.

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Re: Post Office
rexrexrex   9/21/2011 3:34:02 PM
While Amazon and Netflix may have helped and may continue to help the post office, the fact is that those services, like many others, are going digital. Books are increasinly purchased in digital format and read on an ipad or a kindle. Netflix is streaming more movies than it is mailing. When you break it down, the post office is old technology that will be phased out if changes aren't made. The same way that people no longer use payphones, people have stopped using the postal service. It would be a shame to lose it, but without upgrades, it will just continue to hemmorage money.

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Junque Mail
AskAsa   9/21/2011 3:07:48 PM
Junque Mail.

Back in the day it was almost a gourmet experience.

I can recall slipping open envelopes with chain letter schemes that promised me years of bad luck if I didnt respond.

Letters pitching a variety of mystery vitamins to enhance my good health and give me a Charles Atlas body.

A number of so called  genealogists who had traced my family tree and could unite me with long lost millionaire relatives.

Somehow, all of these scams and hustles were much more entertaining when they came through the mail on real paper and you knew some scam artist had wasted at least a little money trying to hustle you.

The same products and pitches can now be found on the internet and email. Problem is they are far too ephemeral and can be dismissed with the stroke of a key. Good old fashioned junk mail was a treat to be shared with friends.

I wonder how much of this hokum actually propped up the postal service?

Bargain Bin
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Re: Snail Mail Less Relevant
Bargain Bin   9/21/2011 3:04:46 PM
Fortunately, math is still done in pencil. As long as kids can neatly write numbers, we can use the numbers 1-26 to represent the 26 letters in the alphabet. It's all a part of my big plan to bring decoder rings back into style.  

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Re: Snail Mail Less Relevant
driven   9/21/2011 12:46:27 PM
We stopped teaching handwriting in elementary school. If you get a letter, you probably won't be able to read it unless it was printed from a computer (which sort of makes it an unpersonal letter...)

Scott Raynovich
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Snail Mail Less Relevant
Scott Raynovich   9/21/2011 10:19:35 AM
I believe in secular trends. People can fight the trend all they want, but Snail Mail is becoming less and less relevant. Consider:
  • Online banking. Less need for paper statements and records (check out the comment on cancelled checks below). I sign up for electronic banking wherever possible.
  • Bill Pay. Who needs actual bills any more? Most of my bill pays are now automated and I get records by email. I hate paper bills.
  • Catalogs -- as the person mentioned below, they may be profitable for the post office, but they are a stupid waste of time and energy. If more people are shopping online what is the need for catalogs? Especially for stuff you don't buy?

So, aren't we fighting a trend here?

The one thing they should bring back: The personal letter. I can't remember the last time a friend or family memeber wrote me a letter.


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Re: Off topic.....
Phoenix   9/21/2011 1:38:01 AM
You are right about the pay cut being better than being jobless. 120000 layoffs is not a simple matter. But I can't help thinking that only one day off might not be enough with the declining number of actual mail (without the unwanted advertising) being sent.

Bargain Bin
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Off topic.....
Bargain Bin   9/21/2011 12:46:35 AM
I really do enjoy the sarcasam in your posts.

Also, I think the postal workers workers would be much angrier with monday-saturday without pay than they would be with saturdays without pay. I'm sure they'll be able to compromise when faced with the alternative (the alernative being a greater amount of layoffs).

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Re: Keep revenue while lowering cost
Phoenix   9/20/2011 11:23:36 PM
I also think eliminating the Saturday delivery is the best short term solution. It will reduce costs for transportation and office overheads. However I wonder how this will help with the cost of labour. The current labour force will have another day off with pay. I don't think a pay cut for not having to work Saturdays would sit well with postal workers.

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