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Australian Skeletons in America's Closet

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Re: You gotta know who to influence and when....
philtheinvestor   9/29/2011 9:36:15 PM
"But nobody cares much about ethics and the law in America,especially if you are rich and powerful(who are a law unto themselves today)."


Although I agree with your sentiment in some cases, that is not always true. Most people have to live by the laws of the land even when they wave $$$ (and patiently). It is also not something limited to just the US.

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Now thats
icebreaker1975   9/28/2011 1:07:14 AM
some funny stuff!  HAhA

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You gotta know who to influence and when....
back2basicz   8/9/2011 1:42:00 PM
Its quite simple really.

Rupert Murdoch knew very well which levers to pull in the corridors of power to get the FCC to sanction this sale.

Is it legal? Not really???

But nobody cares much about ethics and the law in America,especially if you are rich and powerful(who are a law unto themselves today).



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Re: missed the point
Baley3   8/6/2011 9:11:46 AM
No AskAssa, I think you missed the point. This whole case started because someone at news corp hacked the phone of a murdered child. That is a certainly in a different category than a politician having a phone hacked. the former is a private citizen, the latter is a public servant. And while both should have their privacy respected, it is far more egergious to hack the phone of a crime victim, thereby victimizing her again. Frankly, with the scheming devious things our so called elected officials do behind our back, i feel like we should be sifting through their voice mail and email on a regular basis just so we have fair warning when one of them plans to stab us in the back. and i don't care what party they represent.

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missed the point
AskAsa   8/5/2011 10:51:26 PM
By lapsing into Palin derangement syndrome you guys completely missed the point of my post which was not about her as much as it was about the double standard in coverage.

"there does seem to be a double standard regarding privacy and who's ox is getting hacked."

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Re: calls for investigation
Drivewaygirl   8/3/2011 7:28:39 PM
Yes, Street Smart! Nothing racy on my cell except maybe my sister's rants about her pet peeve of the day...

Street Smart
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Re: calls for investigation
Street Smart   8/3/2011 2:39:23 PM

You make extremely interesting points here.  I always thought that the hacking of the 9/11 phones was just the FBI's way into the investigation, where it would then become just the tip of the iceberg.

And if the hacking had a police payoff component here, as it did in the UK, that road would lead straight to none other than former NYPD Police Commissioner, Bernard Kerik.

I had forgotten about Sarah Palin's phone being hacked before.  So, there's our answer--they must have her on tape saying SOMETHING, and you can bet it isn't about Paul Revere!


My life is a good kind of dull, too.  But isn't it nice to get up in the morning knowing that no one is going to hack your phone or throw a pie in your face?


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Re: calls for investigation
AskAsa   8/3/2011 12:07:37 PM
If the investigation takes off here the bones should start rattling in more than just Murdoch's closet.

Where was the outcry when Palin was hacked during her campaign and details of a friends divorce were published in several media outlets?

A recording of a private Gingrich conversation just happened to be be received on someones car radio where they just happened to have a recorder and it all amazingly made it into the New York Times.

I understand there is a difference between a hacker turning content over to a reporter and a reporter recording the content on his own. But there does seem to be a double standard regarding privacy and who's ox is getting hacked.

Just so you know. I would never vote for Gingrich, way too cold and detached to lead this country.

Regarding Ms Palin - Whatever her ideas may be they have been drowned out by Paul Revere Trivia and her daughter's boyfriend troubles.

I hope the Murdoch based house cleaning spreads to the other British Tabs and makes some waves here beyond Fox News.


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Re: weak link
Drivewaygirl   8/3/2011 11:48:09 AM
Very interesting stuff indeed!My life seems so a good way.

Street Smart
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Re: weak link
Street Smart   8/3/2011 11:37:54 AM
#Drivewaygirl, I definitely think you're onto something with the Murdoch-Giuliani-Kerik connection.  Because don't forget that Bernard Kerik's mistress at the time of his troubles was Judith Regan, for whom Rupert Murdoch bought HarperCollins publishing as a token of his (professional) affection.

But then it was Regan who accused Ailes of telling her to lie to Federal prosecutors about Kerik and took Rupert to the cleaners to the tune of an $11MM out of court, sealed settlement.

Joe Coscarelli of The Village Voice speculated about the impact of the whole thing on the Murdoch empire way back in February, 2011 in an interesting blog post I've linked to here.

How this relates to Palin, I don't know.  But I just feel that Roger Ailes has given her the message that what the Murdochs giveth, they can also taketh away.  I think Sarah has read the (warning--bad pun alert) TEA LEAVES loud and clear, but that she and Murdoch are trading veiled messages.  I think all that book nonsense about Palin revelations with Levi Whats-his-name--Bristol's baby daddy--was to show her how VERY unpleasant things could get.

And I think her bus tour was a message to the Murdochs--eat your hearts out; see what you're missing?

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