The Truth Can Be Told

After six weeks of studying the 2016 race, these are my preliminary conclusions:

I don’t think Donald Trump is really a serious candidate for president. He is doing research for his next book.

The campaign’s purpose was to give him a chance to speak his mind, at last. He has been under restraint, ever since his political advisor/ mentor, Roy Cohn, died.

Even in his wildest and craziest dreams did he anticipate the success of his new book proposal.

Judging by the polls, if you believe them, and the media, if you believe them, El Donald will be our next president. A visitor from the planet Pluto, studying the political landscape, might conclude, he is the only candidate worth talking about, despite a field of 16 others.

If he is elected, judging by his past endeavors, about which we have heard more than we ever wanted to know, the country will soon be bankrupt, and he will be on to his next thrilling amazing fiscal adventure.

My guess is that he will not go out the door without making his mark. As his legacy, he will arrange to lease us his name. The country will henceforth be known as the United Trump of America.

That is the way he had become rich, famous, and powerful. You never argue with success.

His three bankruptcies--certainly qualifications for turning around a money losing proposition like this country--and the seemingly thousands of Trump businesses in which he quickly became disinvolved, except nominally, leaves his mind clear to see the big picture. There are still so many new growth industries bereft of the Trump names.

If for some reason, the polls and media have gotten it wrong, and one of the other 16 relative unknowns in the largest field for CEO and COO since the Revolution of 1776, as a reward for his support, will appoint him Secretary of State or Chief Justice. They either will waive the LL.B requirement or he will produce a law degree from the Trump Law School of Trump U., both now defunct.

All of this is hypothetical.

By no means is this analysis of the projected road ahead meant to deprecate DJT’s supporters. Some of his followers are not, as I have previously stated, idiots. The term is used loosely. Some of them are morons. They also include angry people, disgusted with all politicians, regardless of race, creed or party affiliation.

A lot of them are just ordinary folk, people who live by the Bible and keep AK47s in their closets against the day when the government tries to take way their guns. They are people who hate gays and love guns and God. People who hate foreigners, especially from Mexico, although they are not too fond either of Guatemalans and Hondurans. It does not matter that we are all decedents of emigrants, starting with the Mayflower crowd. You call them crazies, I call them the salt of the earth.

My second major conclusion is that when the history of this most strange Republican presidential nomination race is writ it will turn out that Donald Trump is a mole. He is the Manchurian Candidate implanted in the cast of “The Magnificent 17,” as the reality TV show based on the campaign will be known, by the Dirty Tricks Division of the Democratic Party. Funded by a Super PAC, established by the electricians and plumbers unions, whose mission is to destroy the Republican Party once and for all.

The plumbers, or electricians, or the family handymen, whatever you want to call them, have convinced Senor Donald the country needs him to fix what is broken, regardless of his track record of failure in the business world.

The Democratic slush funders want to get even with the Republican Party of the 1930’s that sought to thwart that evil FDR and the New Deal’s plot to turn the USA into a socialist state by making people dependent on big government institutions like TVA, which brought electricity to rural areas, and social security. They want to make Republicans pay for fighting the left leaning loony Democrats like LBJ who gave the country Commie-inspired Medicare and Civil Rights legislation that protected such Stalinist ideas as right to vote.

And the dirty trick may be working. Judging by the way the leftists in the socialist media are giving us all-Donald-all-the- time, they have managed to make Ted Cruz seem like a serious candidate.


Marvin Kitman
July 31, 2015

The writer ran for president in the Republican primaries of 1964. He lost.

 Creative Commons Licensed Photo "Donald Trump Sr. at #FITN in Nashua, NH" by Flickr user Michael Vadon