A New Jersey Native Speaks Out About Our Governor’s Future


Everybody seems to think Chris (I’m Not a Candidate) Christie will be shocking the nation tomorrow by announcing that he has finished exploring his options, checking his financial backers credit scores and will be announcing that he is, after all, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.

Why is that?

Could it be because he has been going to New Hampshire virtually every week since April? So often, in fact, some of us think of him as the Governor of New Hampshire. He has held as many as eleven town hall events in our sister state, and delivered three major policy addresses, none of which had anything to do with New Jersey as a trading partner.

If he didn’t run now it would be a waste of our taxpayer dollars to have paid for his security detail. When he travels, he is guarded as if carrying a nuclear weapon in his overnight bag.

Could it be just because he has gone to the trouble of losing all that weight? In the months of non-candidacy, he has abandoned his campaign promise of eating in every fast food establishment on Route 22 from Newark to the Delaware River. He didn’t want to be the first weight-challenged president since William Howard Taft in 1908. (Christie’s miracle diet, for those who want to lose a third chin: lose an ounce a week. It really adds up)

Could it be because he seems to have turned his back on New Jersey problems, ignoring such mundane matters as our bridges are falling down? (36% are said to be in need of repair). Our casinos are closing. Employment is lagging behind the rest of the nation. People are moving out of the state because of high taxes.

Could it be just because he is evading wedge issues like racism, same sex marriage, affordable health care, abortion, voter ID, minimum wages, which might make him lose votes in, say, South Carolina some day.

It does seem when he finally manages to be last to tackle hot button issues he manages to be on both sides. Sometimes taking all three sides, thus proving his flexibility.

In fairness, that’s not true. He has spoken out unequivocally against the bombing of our ocean. On June 6, he protested against Rutgers University leading a research group blasting sound waves on the ocean floor, saying it will harm marine life and disrupt the state’s $1 billion commercial and recreational fishing industries.


The governor’s closest advisers have been whispering in his ear: Run, Chris, run.

I think it’s a mistake. What’s his hurry, anyway?

As the author of his campaign biography, someday to be published as “The Christie Chronicles,” and chairman of my local “Christie for President in 2024” political club, I have supported his national aspirations as the one way to get the him out of the state before it is too late. Let the rest of the nation share our good fortune.

At the risk of being pulled over for speeding, doing 26 in a 25 mile zone--and I don’t know how to tell the governor this in a better way –he is going to lose.

And here’s why:

  1. His polls numbers indicate certain unpopularity. In the latest CNN/WUR poll of likely New Hampshire voters, for example, he was tied for sixth place with that political nonentity, the retired brain surgeon, Doc Carson. That idiot Donald Trump was second with 11%. We don’t know how much Trump paid his voters.

    In an authoritative Fox News poll, Christie finished near the bottom of the pack, the favorite of 2 % likely voters in a primary.

    Yes, it could be argued that was low, but they were a solid two percent for Christie, and 100% better than Lindsay Graham and George Pataki, both of whom finished with 1%.
  2. Without meaning to play the numbers game, the worse thing about the poll results is they will be used to determine who will be on the GOP debate team. The fascists in the TV establishment who make the rules are planning to limit free discussion, saying only the top eight or ten will make the cut for entertainment value.

    What will the boring Republican debates be without Christie calling Rafael (Ted) Cruz an idiot and telling him to get off the stage and sit in the audience with the other idiots? Hell!

    Without the opportunity to show how charming he can be, the Christie campaign for president will be hopeless.
  3. Who would want to run against Hillary anyway in 2016, when the field is wide open for 2024?

Now I’m not some starry-eyed political naïf, a country bumpkin from Exit 17, and a Christie fanatic who thinks he can do no wrong. He has more defects than a General Motors car. But I am a believer in real politik.

The Republican Party today is a national joke. By the time the gates close on the race for the roses, there could be 18 or 20 candidates, all throwing mud at each other. This race will be the height of absurdity. The inmates are taking over the insane asylum.

By not running, Christie has a chance to be above the battle. He will be unbesmirched by the mud, a statesman looking down at all the others playing with their mud pies.

What Gov. Christie should be doing tomorrow is being the first to announce that he is running for vice president. I would be willing to support any of those clowns emerging victorious to serve with Christie, provided it is the thinnest of the lot, a real balanced ticket.


Marvin Kitman
June 29, 2015

Marvin Kitman is the author of “The Making of the Preƒident 1789.” “George Washington’s Expense Account” by Gen. George Washington and Marvin Kitman PFC (Ret.) was the best-selling expense account in publishing history.

Public Domain Photo by National Park Service Photographer Jack E. Boucher.