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What is it with Trump’s hands?

It’s something I noticed while I patiently waited for the Trump-Cruz shout-out in Vegas last week, the advertised highlight of the last Republican debate, and I use the word loosely.

Debates are supposed to be serious tools for helping voters make decisions before an election. A serious debate? Am I kidding? They went out with the dinosaurs.

You can’t have a real debate with 10 people. That’s not a debate –it’s a food fight. Very little knowledge is passed on to the audience with that yelling back and forth. Especially with Trump in the melee.

Trump has mastered the art form of being uncommunicative while communicating. All he seems capable of is sound bites. So and so is a nice guy, he will explain in a declarative sentence, followed by withering negatives. Then he closes with a “He’s a maniac, but a nice guy. I like him.” Trump never seems to have a second paragraph, where he might explain his policy proposal. But it works. It’s a lot of fun in this age where folks no longer ask, “Where’s the beef?”

In the fifth performance of the Republican Debating Society in Vegas (12/15/15), the main event was a chance to see who was nastier, Trump or Cruz? Side by side on the stage, Trump, the presumptive president-elect, according to the polls which are good enough for Trump to declare victory long before election day, versus Cruz the bomb thrower, who had just won an Iowa poll!

It began with promise. The U-Boat commander Wolf Blitzkrieg asked the first question about reported Trump-Cruz differences. Trump brushed it off. “Don’t worry. He’s a nice guy. He may be a maniac, but he’s a nice man. I like him.” He even patted Cruz on the back.

But a cockfight between those two bantamweights, Rubio and Cruz, stole the show from Trump. He wasn’t the center of attention in Vegas for the first time, and he reacted badly. You could see it in the hands.

Have you ever noticed his seemingly choreographed hand movements as he talks? It’s as if he is sending out signals to other aliens, mostly in LA these days.

They never stopped moving, becoming increasingly frenetic as he became the second banana in the dog and pony show that passes for debating.

I tell you not since seeing the old newsreels of Mussolini— talking to the troops from his balcony in Roma about making the world safe for fascismo italiano, providing spazzo vitale (living space) by invading Ethiopia before WW II— have I seen such expressive hands. Avanti, soldati!

If there was a ban on using hands, as in a soccer match, Trump would be speechless.

He grew so inarticulate as the two youngest of the ratpack — Rubio and Cruz—squabbled and bickered about who was toughest on immigration, Trump turned to another oratorical strategy: making faces.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, when not advocating more boots on the ground, is the best mugger in the Mickey Mouse Club of candidates. Fortunately, his opponents cannot see the rolling of the eyes in that devastating South Carolinian way.

Trump does not reach the peak of oratory with his face as with his hands. His making a face while others spoke looks very childish.

Especially when it is followed by the jutting of the jaw, his way of listening to criticism. Mussolini couldn’t have said it better with limited verbalization when Trump dismissed a Bush argument with the numbers “42-3” (poll results, a summation of the issues).

You need to understand Trump has a low threshold for criticism. Anything less than unstinting praise pains him. He’s a sensitive guy underneath all that hair.

As I see it, Trump will try to reclaim his title as the champion of non-verbal communication the next time he is in a debate with Cruz, who is emerging as the leader of the ratpack. Ted, the only candidate born in Canada who still thinks he is eligible to run for president, whatever the Constitution says about native-born, may be the smartest man who ever ran for president in either party.

He has a tremendous legal background. Dershowitz called young Ted the smartest student he ever had in law school. He clerked for Chief Justice Rehnquist. He was the Solicitor for the State of Texas and argued brilliantly in the Supreme Court.

One on one, debating Trump, he can nail him to the wall.

Trump will explode. He’s got a mean temper. Ask any of the other real estate moguls who did business with him. If he doesn’t get his way, he is like a three year-old, lying on the floor, kicking his heels.

Let’s face it, the real Trump is a spoiled brat. His father spoiled him, for example, by giving him $50 million as a graduation present from Wharton, which he managed to turn into zero during his first bankruptcy.

Do we want a spoiled brat dealing with Komrade Putin? A temper tantrum in not getting his way with that mad Russian, he could accidentally start World War III.



Marvin Kitman
December 20, 2015

Marvin Kitman is the author of “The Making of the Preƒident 1789”, HarperCollins, and in paperback, Grove Press, available at Amazon and quality book-sellers.