The Madness of Emperor Don

Donald Trump - The Celebrity Candidate

In my last letter (July 30, 2016), I was wondering about the party of Lincoln, the Man, the Car, and the Tunnel having selected a candidate whose sanity was questionable.

Is he either temporarily mentally deranged or totally insane, I asked? Or is the word I’m searching for here to explain some kind of discernable imbalance, to use the medical term, crazy?

A very timely debate as the Law & Order candidate and uber-Constitution freak is already revealing signs of pathologic mishagas at the start of the 100-day marathon to the finish line in November.

It could be he is just a wild and crazy guy who will say the first things that comes to his hair, without being processed through the brain before the words go back to his lips. This would explain a tendency to shoot from the lip on everything, even encouraging his good friend Putin to hack our State Department e-mails, which would make him if not a card-carrying Communist at least a fellow traveler who would be a person of interest in a House Un-American Activities Committee in the next Congress.

I have no medical evidence to back up these assertions. Nor is any required on the Internet, the medium of questionable true facts, half-facts, and no facts. Anyway, it would be harder to get the medical records than his tax records.

But empirical observations available to the general public through the medium of TV news programs, which treat the opening of his mouth as a regular program feature, like weather and sports, are alarming. There seems to be a decline in what had been one of the greatest minds in western civilization, according to the candidate’s analysis. He has gone from head scratching to incredibly stupid.

At what point had the presumptive Emperor Don clearly lost his sanity, future forensic psycho-politico scholars will ask? I would argue a good case could be made for his decision to make political capital of the mother of the fallen hero, Capt. Humayun Khan, who happened to be of the Muslim faith.

Letting her husband explain the grief the family is enduring at the Democratic convention, our candidate argued, is a clear sign why it’s okay to ban all Muslims. Don’t ask me to follow the logic of any of his remarks; I’m not that smart.

This is a political tactic known as kicking the Gold Star Mother when she is down. Nobody had ever tried it before on national TV, so we don’t know its effectiveness.

He had warmed up for this attempt to boldly go where no man has gone before in running for office by taking a shot at John McCain’s war record. A hero to Emperor Don is not being captured.

A greater hero might be a presidential nominee who wasn’t a draft-dodger, if I can use that term loosely (and no reason I can’t on The Internet). No reliable documents-- doctor and priest testimonials and community leaders attesting to his value to the war effort-- given to his draft board for deferments during the Vietnam War are available.

Excuse me for not repeating his equating a family’s sacrifice on the Stephanopoulos interview on ABC News Sunday-- trumpeting his sacrifice in creating all the jobs that made him rich while stiffing the working people who built his palaces. But it was either a case of terminal insensitivity or the man has gone bonkers. Either way, it is alarming.

It could all be the Democrats’ fault. Our guy has a low threshold for criticism. Anything less than unstinting praise pains him. The four nights of dwelling on his possible flaws as a human being made him go bananas.

In his defense, it also could be argued, he’s been a nut job all the way through the primaries. That is what may have appealed to the 11 million supporters who are not chopped liver.

I am not questioning our candidate’s patriotism or popularity here, only his sanity.

Emperor Don should be required to submit urine samples before each campaign appearance or interview on TV, the most trusted source of information for the politically informed, next to social media, as he gives signs of suffering King George’s Disease. George the Third had an acute case of porphyria, a genetic blood disorder that impairs the mind and judgments. Symptoms include blue urine, and bad judgments, such as George’s conduct of the war against the revolting colonies. The King also suffered from verbal diarrhea communicating in sentences containing 400 words and 8 verbs, and incessant loquacity heightened by a tendency to talk until foam came out of his mouth. That certainly sounds like our Donald.

As a public service, there should be a medical chart on the screen, a visual guide to how seriously the candidate can be taken on any given day. How many gains of salt should be taken for attacks on Gold Star moms? It could be followed like the polls.

Is there not a requirement in the Constitution—a document Trump claims to love and would marry, if third wife Melanoma doesn’t work out --that a president is of sound mind and judgment, as well being 35 and native-born?

Will there be a judge who, after much due process, of course, declares newly –elected Trump to be in need of a guardian? King George III ruled through a regent for his last 15 years.

In the interests of science, and by way of showing support for mental health, I strongly urge sending Emperor Don’s hair and mouth to the National Institute of Health for future study.


Marvin Kitman
August 1, 2016

Marvin Kitman is the author of “The Making of the Preƒident 1789”, HarperCollins, and in paperback, Grove Press, available at Amazon and quality book-sellers. His other books include “George Washington’s Expense Account” by Gen. George Washington and Marvin Kitman, PFC (Ret.). Google them.